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Ideal for Low Income Earners – What are the Ideal San Antonio Car Insurnace for Low Income Earners?

When you are a low-income earner, you will probably try to save as much money as you can, when it is coming about your car insurance. You will definitely not like to pay more than the necessary price in order to purchase your car insurance in San Antonio.

There are particular things which worth to pay attention for. All these factors can decrease your policy rate. Nevertheless, you will get to see that some insurance companies are offering a part of discounts and other companies, another part of discounts. You should carefully analyze all the factors and choose a company that will offer you cheap car insurance in San Antonio.

One of the many things you can do in order to decrease your policy’s rate is to increase your deductibles. The deductible is in fact an amount of money that you should pay each time you file an auto insurance claim (for example, each time you are involved into a car accident). It will be wise to keep a higher deductible (as 750$ for example, instead of 500$), because the higher is your deductible, the lower will be your policy’s rate. The reason behind this is that your savings will be greater and you will have a constant lower rate.

Of course, if a car accident occurs, you will have to pay the deductible amount first, but, comparing the savings you will get from your lower rate and this deductible to be paid only in case of an accident, you will see that a higher deductible will bring you more saving, thus it is more advantageous.

You should also make sure that you do not pay for coverages that you do not need. There are some policies, which include by default some additional coverage. If you find out that you pay additional insurance types, you can request your insurance company to downgrade your policy in order to cover just the minimum state’s requirements. In San Antonio city, the minimum requirements are $30000 for bodily injury in case of one injured person, $60000 for bodily injuries in case there are at least 2 injured persons, or $25000 for property damage. More, Rental car reimbursement or

Roadside assistance coverages can be also included, by default, in your car’s policy. Make sure to exclude from your policy everything you do not need. In this way, you will start immediately save some particular amount of money. In addition, if you are the owner of an old car and you have collision insurance or comprehension coverage, you should better stop to pay and benefit of those services. The reason is that, for cars older than ten years, these two policies dramatically increase their costs. It might be even cheaper to fix the car by yourself if something happens, instead of paying a high amount for collision or comprehensive coverages.

Another thing you could do is to pay the entire policy amount when you purchase the car insurance. By doing so, you can end up by saving around $75 per year. If you want to pay through an installment plan, this is fine too, but you should understand and expect that the final amount of money that you will have to pay during one year (through a monthly installment). It will be greater than the initial amount of money that you could pay from the beginning in order to purchase that insurance policy. Alternatively, if you really want to choose an installment plan, because you just do not have the entire amount of money, you could at least pay a half of the initial policy’s price. This will be a middle way, in order to save some money and benefit, in the same time, of an installment plan.

What Else You Could Do If You Are A Lower Income Earner?

Well, when signing for auto insurance you could deliberately exclude anyone else from your policy. Usually if one family member will drive you car, in case of an accident, he will be insured as if it was you driving your car. However, if you want to save some extra money, you can exclude everyone else from your auto insurance. In this case, you will be the only person covered through that policy. This solution brings you some disadvantages too, still, it will help you lower the policy rate and purchase cheap car insurance for low-income earner, especially.

The loyalty is another valued factor. If it is possible, try to maintain your car policy at the same provider. If you already have purchased auto insurance from a particular insurance company, and you will get the second policy from that company, you will receive a fidelity bonus. Usually, this type of discount varies from 5% up to 10%, so is doing worth to keep the same provider, in order to save more money. Also regarding loyalty, if your family owns multiple cars, what you could do is to bring all these vehicles together on the same policy.  This will certain decrease your lower rate compared to a cumulate rate of each car having its own policy. In this case, you will receive a multicar discount.

Further, another thing you could do to save some more money is to sign all your insurances with the same company. For example, you can have all your life, medical, home or car insurances signed with a particular insurance company. You will receive an extra bonus.

If you get a low income, you should also know that, purchasing auto insurance through an online website might make you eligible for an additional discount. There are some insurance companies who values and encourage the online payments, therefore, be sure to check all the quotes you’ll receive here and see which company will offer you an additional discount in order to online purchase your policy.

You can get free insurance quotes here, by entering you zip code. You will have the chance to compare all insurance companies’ offers and purchase cheap car insurance in San Antonio.

Tips for Low Income Earners to Save More with the Best Auto Insurance in San Antonio

affordableSanAntonioCarInsuranceEarning a lower income will certainly make you be more attentive on what you spend and how much you spend. If you live in San Antonio and you own a car, you will be required to buy car insurance in order to drive legally in this city and in the entire Texas State.

Make sure to take advantage of most possible factors entering in the algorithm computation of car insurance. You cannot modify your age or your driving experience (the amount of time since you have obtained your driver’s license until the present), but you can learn how to benefit based on another customizable factors, such as obtaining the best auto insurance quotes in San Antonio preferably for low income earners.

A trick that will help you to save some money is to reduce the number of miles you drive per year. You can do this by avoiding frequently rides and long rides. In addition, if it is possible, you should get to your job office using the bus or the tram. By specifying to your insurance company that you will not use your car on a daily-basis to get to your work and home, it can lower your rate. In addition, of course, together with the limitation of miles per year, you can end up with a high discount. Therefore, make sure to drive your car only when it is necessary.

Another way to obtain some other special discounts for low income earners is represented by some special driving courses (like defensive driving), needed in order to obtain some particular state-approved certificates. The insurance companies will value these certificates and will consider you a more responsible driver; therefore, your policy rate will decrease.

Make sure to drive carefully! Do not drink and drive and do not drive with extremely high speed. A responsible and defensive driving will help you maintain a clear driving record. Clean driving histories and the absence of laws’ violations tickets, as the speeding ticket will decrease significantly you policy rate. In addition, try to keep a clean credit history. Some insurance companies will take into account your credit history, so be prepared to make the best appearance. You certainly would not want to be considered as a high-risks driver.

Further, take into account your car’s properties. Does your car have a system alarm? What about the ABS or the ESP? How many airbags has your car? All these aspects could affect the auto insurance policy rate, because, for example, a car having a high enough number of airbags, the anti-lock brake system or the electronic stability program is considered a safe car, therefore it will decrease your car insurance’s price. Even the parking place could make a difference in the final policy’s amount. If you own or you hired a garage, you are already eligible to obtain one additional discount.

Ensure that you are eligible for most of the special discounts and enter your zip code here in order to get the best auto insurance quotes in San Antonio city. Even if you have a lower income, you will get to find that there are very ceap insurance offers that will suits you.

What are the Car Insurance Policies in San Antonio for Low Income Earners?

If you are a low-income earner and you own car, you would certainly like to purchase San Antonio cheap car insurance, in order to save some money for other expense types.

You should not consider as a solution not to insure you car, because, San Antonio laws require a mandatory minimum coverage for each car involved in the city’s traffic. If you drive an uninsured car you can be charged with a fine up to $350 if it is the first time you are being caught, but the fine can go upper and also some other penalties might occur if you are found guilty of this law violation for a second time, or third time and so on. Even more, regulation in Texas state, and, therefore in San Antonio city, can directly impound any vehicle if it is not insured.

Do not avoid to pay your insurance policy, because, in case an accident occurs, you will get in much more trouble and you will have to pay large amounts of money in order to cover the property damages and, if the case, the bodily injuries of all persons taking part to that accident.

In order to avoid this situation, you should try to benefit from all factors that can bring you discounts, in order to obtain a lower rate for    your auto insurance in San Antonio city. You can obtain cumulated discounts if you fulfill multiple conditions imposed by the insurance companies.

Although there are states, like California or Washington, which are attempting for the moment to impose laws and regulation that will make the standard car insurance for low-income drivers, which is more affordable, Texas is not taking yet part on this particular program. Texas State has not defined yet a plan in order to help the low-income earners to get their cars insured with lower rates.

Therefore, what you can do is to take advantage of every factor that might bring you a discount. Among the multitude of factors to be considered, you can pay attention on the following:

  • The coverage type you would like to purchase
  • Your driving record
  • The number of miles you drive per year
  • The type and year of your car, your marital status
  • Your age and even you gender
  • Your job domain
  • The deductible on your car insurance
  • The credit history
  • The multicar policy
  • The parking place
  • If it’s the case
  • The neighborhood
  • Your car’ safety and so on

Do not expect the auto insurance companies to offer you, by default, all discounts you are eligible for. Instead, you should be well informed, and, being aware of all the factors that might bring you a lower rate, ask yourself if particular discounts are offered by a certain insurance company.

You can perform this check quickly enough if you enter your zip code here. You will be needed to fill in all particular factors just once; after completing this simple step, you will get the most competitive auto insurances in San Antonio. Compare the policies’ rates and purchase San Antonio cheap car insurance appropriate for your needs.

Six Things You Should Know About Car Insurance in San Antonio

You will find here valuable information related to car insurance in San Antonio city. You will get to know what is and suppose to be vehicle insurance, the corresponding laws for San Antonio, we will find out about the Texas Sure electronic program and other useful related information.

First, the vehicle insurance is a policy purchased for any motor vehicle. Its purpose it to provide a financial protection against property damage and bodily injury resulting from traffic crashes. It might also offer financial protection against vehicle’s theft or other possible damages coming from other sources than traffic collisions. Each country has the right to personalize and customize the specific terms of vehicle insurance, without disregarding the worldwide regulations.

Regarding the insurance laws, Texas is a tort state, meaning that, in every car accident, there is at least one faulty-part. The victim(s) or the non-guilty part can be compensated from the negligible party’s liability policy. In Texas, and, therefore, San Antonio city, drivers must purchase at least the minimum liability coverage in order to cover bodily injury and damage property cost at least for the non-guilty party. If the coverage limits are not sufficient in order to cover all recovery expenses for the non-faulty part, then the victim(s) may sue the faulty-part for additional amounts of money. All lawsuits costs will be covered through the liability insurance owned by the faulty-part.

In San Antonio, there are multiple types of insurances offered for the car drivers. The most encountered one is the Liability coverage, which is a mandatory coverage, requested by San Antonio’s laws, but, meanwhile, it also presents the lowest rate. By purchasing this type of insurance, each driver is insured that, if he produces a traffic collision, the bodily injuries and property damages of the non-faulty part will be supported by the insurance company. However, if the expenses exceed the limit amounts established through the policy, the faulty part might be sued and required additional amounts.

The Liability coverage disposes of the following amounts: $25000 for property damage, $30000 for bodily injury if one person was injured during the accident, or $60000 for bodily injury if two or more persons were injured during the car accident. If the driver wants to have also his car insured in case of an accident (where he is involved as the faulty-part), he needs to purchase an extra insurance, called the collision coverage. In addition, in order to protect his car from any other damages not occurring within a car accident, the driver should sign the comprehensive policy. This coverage type also insures the car in case it is stolen. In order to insure himself, the driver can also purchase the medical coverage. If a car accident occurs, he will have covered its medical expenses too.

Another coverage type would be the one used for rented cars. If you what to get the rented car insured, you can get a rental reimbursement coverage, in order to cover damage property expanses for the car you rented, in case of traffic collision. One more policy type is considered the uninsured or underinsured motorist protection coverage. For example, if you were involved in a car accident with a motor vehicle and you were not the faulty part, you should normally not worry about the bodily injuries and property damages’ expanses. Still, since the motorist might be uninsured or underinsured, you will not get any amount of money in order to cover you expenses. The solution would be to purchase such an uninsured or underinsured motorist protection coverage.

Depending on the coverage type, different policies’ rates will be quoted by different insurance companies. You should know that San Antonio car insurance companies used slightly different algorithms in order to compute the rates, still, almost all of them use similar set of formulas. Car insurances’ rates are determined within the following algorithm: the insurance companies spread out the total cost of providing insurance to the state amongst all insured drivers. Some particular factors are included here: the corporate tax rates, the dollar amount of legal settlements resulting from lawsuits, the total operating expenses, and the statewide risk factors for traffic accidents. After the statewide averages are assigned to individual’s policy, the company will add an extra cost based on the driver’s risk level. This risk level is computed based on some factors the driver cannot control (such as age, gender, driving experience), but also based on some ’customizable’ factors, which can be controlled by each particular driver (such as driving record, type and year of the car, credit history, marital status and so on). Therefore, drivers should find out and understand these particular ‘customizable’ items, because these factors can affect their policy’s rate.

Regarding the vehicle insurance verifications, you should need to know about the TexasSure system. TexasSure is an electronic system, developed in order to reduce the number of uninsured motorists. This is a large database containing every state’s registered vehicle (through its vehicle identification number – VIN) and information related to the insurance policies for each vehicle. These have being said, the law enforcement officers and the tax assessor-collectors can immediately access the database and verify if you are driving with or without an insurance policy.

Whenever you would like the renew your policy or to purchase a new auto insurance, you should carefully analyze the offers in order to find the most appropriate policy’s type for you and your needs, and in order to benefit of the lowest possible price too. Do not rush in, in order to buy the first listed offer, or the lowest price offer. Check which insurance policy give you the most advantages.

You can check free quotes for car insurance in San Antonio. Enter you zip code here and see how much you can save choosing the appropriate offer; compare the policies and find out the best offer you could purchase. Make sure to pay attention to every single factor that could decrease your policy’s rate.

What are the Customizable Factors of Auto Insurance in San Antonio?

When searching for auto insurances quotes in San Antonio, you should know which customizable factors you can take care of, in order to achieve a greater cumulated discount. There are three categories regarding the factors entering in the car insurances’ computation algorithms.

The first category contains the factors beyond your control; these are: your age, your gender and your driving experience.

The second category contains half-customizable factors, which means that you can modify the properties of these factors, but with certain costs or consequences; these factors are: your neighborhood, your marital status.

In the third category, you can include all the remaining factors. All these factors can be modified by each driver, in order to purchase lower rate auto insurance in San Antonio city. These factors will be presented below.

The driving record – you should try to keep a clean driving history in order to decrease, or, at least not increase, your policy’s rate. Still related to this factor, you should pay attention to the laws’ violation tickets. Try to avoid speeding tickets, because these types of penalties are not well agreed by the car insurance companies.

The credit history – will help you obtain a better rate. Try to keep it clean, in order to decrease your policy’s rate.

The year and type of the car – if you got yourself a high performance sporty card or a luxury car, your policy’s prices will be higher; instead, if you have a standard average car, you will receive car insurance offers with small prices. Make sure to drive a safe car.

The engine and horsepower of the car – a big and powerful car engine (supposed to be able to reach high enough speeds) will be quoted with higher rates, because, for example, in case a high-speed accident occurs, the accident consequences will be worse than if it was the case of an average speed.

The high-level grades – if you are still a student, if you obtain high enough level grades or if you obtain a scholarship, you will get an extra discount for your policy’s rate.

The driving courses – there are some particular state-approved driving course; after receiving those courses certificates, a driver can get his policy decrease of up to 15% of the initial amount.

The multicar policy – if you or your family owns multiple cars, you might want to get those cars together on a single policy. You will get quite important discounts in you prefer the multicar insurance policy instead of the single car policy.

The loyalty – when renewing the car insurance, if you do not change the provider, you will receive a 5% up to 10% fidelity discount. Therefore, do not change your insurance company if it is not the case.

You should try to benefit as much as you can from these customizable factors, because they really make the difference when you will receive the car insurance quotes.

You can enter your zip code here in order to check which factors you are eligible for, and make sure to choose the most auto insurance quotes in San Antonio that is advantageous to you.

How to Shop for San Antonio Cheap Car Insurance?

There are things you should consider, in order to make you eligible for special discounts regarding your auto insurance. Check the most frequently asked questions related to San Antonio cheap car insurance, and learn how you can lower your policy’s rate.

Does My Car Affect the Policy’s Rate?

Yes, it does. There are a few properties related to your car, which will influence your car insurance rate. For example, if you own a safe car, you will pay lower rates. A safe car suppose some safety dedicated features like: airbags (higher is the number of airbags, higher will decrease your rate), anti-lock braking system, stability systems as the electronic stability control (ESC), number of doors and so on. Even more, if your car has an alarm system, this will eventually help you to decrease the policy’s price. Another aspect here is related to the category and type of the car. If it is a SUV with a high horsepower engine, or if it is a high performance sport car or a luxury vehicle, you will end up paying a higher rate. If you have an average car, with not a too big and powerful engine, you will get, once again, lower prices.

How Will Insurance Companies Compute My Risk Level?

You should know that there are some factors affecting the risk rate that you might pose for an accident. Your driving record is one of the most important factors here. Try to maintain a clear driving history (without any accidents involving you as the guilty-part). In addition, try to avoid as much as possible the speeding tickets or other car laws’ violations. These two facts will considerably affect your policy’s rate, by increasing or decreasing it. Your age and even gender are other important factors. If you are a teenager, you will be included in the high-risk category, because of your lack of driving experience. More, if you are a single male, under 25 years, you will make part of one of the most high-risks categories, so you will get higher prices for you auto insurance policy.

Could My Marital Status Get Me A Special Discount?

Yes. If you are part of a married couple, you will receive a special discount just for achieving this status. However, if you are part of a domestic partnership, you need to know that there are insurance companies which will include you in the ‘married couple’ category; therefore you will get a similar discount as if you were already married. However, not all the insurance companies will provide you this benefit, so you should carefully check all the insurance offers, in order to obtain the cheapest one. If you are divorced, you can at least not increase your rate, by continuing paying the same policy you have signed together with your ex-partner. If you do not want to continue with the same policy, you will get a higher rate because the multicar discount will not be applicable anymore.

Be sure to know all the factors that can help you obtain San Antonio cheap car insurance.  Enter your zip code here, check now the offers free, and choose the most suitable policy for you and your needs.

How Does an Installment Plan Works for San Antonio Car Insurance?

If you are about to sign auto insurance in San Antonio, and you are worried about the policy rate, you can find here a few tips regarding car insurance financial duties.

When purchasing a new insurance policy for your car, the price could be one of the most important factors. Perhaps it will be hard for you to spend money on such type of expenses, or perhaps you just want to buy a high-cost policy, thought you do not have the entire amount right now. If that is the case, there is a solution, which could help you to achieve the auto insurance, which suits you the most, without too much trouble.

You can choose an installment plan, dividing the amount to be paid in multiple installments. However, you should know that, even if this were a good solution in order to avoid spending a higher amount of money at once, the total amount you will pay at the end on your policy would be greater than the initial amount.

While having an installment plan for your car insurance, some particular questions or problems might occur:

cheapestSanAntoniocarinsuranceWhat happens if you do not have enough money in your bank account on the due date? If you find yourself in a similar situation, you can contact your insurance company (using the customers’ telephone number stated on your policy) and request them not to attempt the payment. Still, you should know the consequences of this fact: you will have to pay some additional fees as the ‘insufficient funds fee’ or the ‘late fee’. It is better to announce your insurance company of this particular situation 3 days prior the due date. Once the due date has passed, you will be notified on your due balance and you will be needed to fulfill the next conditions in order to keep your policy valid (you will need to pay the installment within a certain period, decided by each insurance company).

What happens if you make payments before the due date?

You are allowed to do payments before the due date. Therefore, if you have some extra money, you can partially pay, in advance, a part of the final due. Unless you pay the total amount, you will still have the fix installments number, but the installments value will decrease.

When must you pay the installments fee?

You will agree with your car insurance company a fix date per each month of the year (in case you have signed a full-year policy). Therefore, monthly, when your fixed due date occurs, your account will be charged with the agreed amount of money.

How will the ‘insufficient funds’ and ‘late fees’ affect my installment plan?

These fees do not affect your car insurance installment plan. They are charged only when your installments were not paid on the due date. Each time you will attempt to make a late payment, you will be needed to pay these additional fines, but they are not interfering with the installment plan, as it was previously agreed by the both parts (you and the insurance company).

In order to compare offers for an auto insurance in San Antonio city, enter your zip code here, and check which insurance companies can offer you an installment plan for your policy and which are the best installment plan offers.

Top Five Most Important Factors When Choosing Car Insurances in San Antonio

There are certain questions that every driver had at least one time in their mind, when they wanted to achieve San Antonio car insurances. You can find here the responses to the most frequently asked questions concerning the highest importance factors when choosing your car insurance policy.

What Coverage Type Should I Purchase?

You should analyze your needs in order to get the answer to this question. There are a few coverage types and, in order to make the best choice, you should understand what means and suppose each of these insurance types. There are some factors, which will certainly affect your decision. First, you should know that Liability coverage is mandatory when driving in San Antonio city. A minimum coverage covers bodily injuries and property damages of non-guilty part. In addition, you can sign Collision and/or a Comprehensive insurance(s). These coverage types will also insure your car in case of an accident of if your car was hit while parked, or if the car was damaged in other cases like fire, floods and so on.

There is also the medical coverage you might want to get, in order to cover all you and your family’s medical costs, in case a car accident occurs. If you usually rent a car, you can sign a special Rent Reimbursement coverage. Now, you will choose a coverage type, depending on your needs. For example, if do not have much money to be spent on this type of expenses, you might want to purchase the mandatory minimum insurance – the Liability coverage. Alternatively, perhaps you just get yourself a new car and you want to drive and park it without any worries. In this case, you will probably sign a Collision and Comprehensive insurances.

More, if you live in a neighborhood having a zip code registered with a high rate of stolen cars, these coverage types will insure your car, if this type of event would occur. If you bought your car based on a cash advance and an installments’ plan, you will be probably forced to purchase these two insurances. Further, if you have some extra money to be spent for auto insurance in San Antonio, you can purchase the medical coverage too. If you are just a visitor or you will stay here for a limited period and you will rent a car, you should choose the Rent Reimbursement coverage. It will cover the costs for property damage for the car you do not own but you drive, if you are involved in a car accident where you are the faulty part.

Which Are The Coverage Limits?

Well, the limits depend not only on your coverage type, but also on the insurance company. If you will get the minimum Liability coverage, you will get the standard 30/60/25, meaning that the maximum coverage rate is 30000$ for one bodily injured person in the non-guilty part and 60000$ for at least two bodily injured persons, respectively 25000$ covering property damages for the non-guilty part. Regarding the other coverage types, you will need to check with each insurance company, because the limit amounts may vary from on company to another. You can check this quickly and free here, by entering your San Antonio zip code.

What Factors Would Decrease My Policy’s Rate?

There are plenty of factors involved in the car insurance quotes. Some of these factors can be improved in order to lead to lower rates. Among these factors, there are the type and year of the car, the driving record, the safety level of your vehicle, the number of miles you are driving per year, the parking place and so on. On the contrary, the other category contains factors that cannot be modified or customized, like the driver’s age and experience in driving domain. There is also the middle category, which contains factors that can be modified, but with different costs and consequences: the driver’s neighborhood (the geographical area quoted by the insurance companies through the zip code), the marital status, the homeowner status, and so on.

Which Would Be the Monthly Auto Insurance Premiums?

The monthly premium will vary according to your coverage types. For example, you will have definitely lower premiums if you purchase only the mandatory minimum coverage. Still, this coverage type might not be sufficient for you or you just might want to get a more complex coverage. Therefore, depending on your insurances’ types, you will get different rates for your car policy and variant monthly premiums. If you enter you zip code you can check the lowest rate offers according to each coverage option.

Where Is My Insurance Policy Valid?

When you sign new car insurance in San Antonio, you should know that this policy would be valid at least in this city and in the Texas state. However, all insurance companies offer standard insurances that are valid in most of the US countries. Nevertheless, there could be some differences from one insurance company to another. In order to get the most accurate answer, you should ask your insurance company which are all the accepted areas where your type of policy is recognized and considered valid in order that you could legally drive without worries, with your current auto insurance. Make sure to receive an answer from your policy’s provider, before going on long journeys by car. You might get in the situation to cross over a country that does not recognize your car insurance. Pay attention in order to avoid this particular situation.

These would be the most frequently five asked questions when opting for auto insurance in San Antonio. Many factors influence the results of the policies’ rates; therefore, you should pay attention to all these factors in order to obtain the best solution for you.

Enter you zip code here and check the most competitive offers. You can enter all the factors you think that would lower your policy rate. It is quick and free.

The Penalties and Punishments for the San Antonio DWI and DUI laws Violation

After purchasing your car insurance in San Antonio, you can legally drive your car within this city and all states and cities included in your policy. When driving your car, you need to know that being charged of DUI or DWI is not acceptable. There are penalties for subsequent traffic law violations especially for driving under influence or driving while intoxicated cases.

The following penalties apply only to drivers over 21 years old.

For first DWI offense, you will be charged with a Class B Misdemeanor offense that involves the following penalties:

  • A jail sentence of 72 hours  only if there was an opened alcohol beverage at the time of the arrest
  • You’ll need to pay a fine up to $2,000 and you will also have to pay an addition surcharge of 1000$ per year for three years if your BAC was under 1.5% at the time of the arrest
  •  There is an additional surcharge of $2,000 per year, for three years if the BAC was equal or greater than 1.6%, at the time of the arrest.
  • You will have to attend a twelve hours state-approved DWI course. Failure to complete this program within 180 days from the arrest date, your driver’s license may be revoked by the Texas Department of Public Safety. You will get a probation period which will be determined by the court.
  • Another form of penalty, you will be needed to perform a minimum 24 hours of community service (this penalty can go up to a maximum of 100 hours of community service).
  • Your driver’s license will be suspended for 90 days up to one year if you submitted the chemical alcohol test. If you have refused to submit this test, the suspension period get up between 180 days and 2 years. However, if you’re at the first time offense, you might be eligible to obtain an occupational license if you meet the necessary requirements.

Getting to a second DWI offense will increase your penalties as follows:

  • You will get a jail sentence of 72 hours up to one entire year.
  • You’ll be required to pay a fine amount of $4,000 and an additional surcharge of 1500$ per year, for three consecutive years if your BAC level was under 1.6%
  • Additional surcharge of $2,000 per year for three consecutive years if your BAC level was equal or greater than 1.6%.
  • Regarding the DWI school, it will be a must to attend a 32 hours state-approved DWI course. If you do not attend the course within the first 180 days of your probation period, your driver’s license might be revoked by the Texas PDS.
  • You will have the driver’s license suspended for 180 days up to 2 years. Even if it is the second time DWI offense, you will still be eligible to obtain an occupational license if you meet all needed requirements.

Finally, on a third time DWI offence, the penalties increase even more:

  • You will get a jail sentence of two years up to 10 years.
  • You will be required to pay a fine up to $10,000 and all additional associated court costs.
  • You will also need to pay a $1,500 surcharge per year for three consecutive years if your BAC level was under 1.6%
  • $2,000 surcharge per year for three consecutive years if your BAC level was equal or greater than 1.6%.
  • As for the second time DWI offense, you will be required to attend a state-approved DWI course of 32 hours and within the 180 days of your probation period.
  • You will have to perform community service in account of a minimum of 80 hours and a maximum of 200 hours.
  • Your driver’s license will be revoked for 2 years. Even this time, you might get an occupational license, if you meet the necessary requirements.

What about drivers under 21? If you are under 21 years old, you should pay even greater attention because the laws are more restrictive. In this case, if an under 21 driver is found to be driving while drunk, having an alcohol concentration (proved through the chemical test) of 0.02% or greater, will be charged of violation of the Texas “zero tolerance” law. You’re driver license will be suspended for 30 days for the first offence violation. In case a second offense violation occurs, the license will be suspended for a period of 60 days. Finally, when a third time DWI offense occurs, the driver’s license will be suspended for 90 days. You should also know that, even if you are under 21 years old, if you are arrested for having a BAC level of 0.08% (which is the maximum limit admitted for drivers over 21 years old) or greater, you will be charged with the same fines and penalties as someone over 21 would face for a similar offense. Moreover, in order to retrieve your driver license back you will have to show proof of financial responsibility and purchase a Texas SR22 insurance coverage.

One more thing that you should understand related to the DWI and DUI laws is represented by the consequences of having a child in your car while being arrested for DWI. If there is at least one child in your car younger than 15 years old, you will end up with the following penalties: you will get a fine up to $10,000, your driver’s license will be suspended for 180 days, and you will also receive a punishment of up to 2 years in a state jail.

These are the possible consequences of being arrested under the DWI offence. You should carefully reconsider every case that might put you in this situation. For more information about DWI and DUI laws or to get the best deals for car insurance in San Antonio, enter your zip code here.

How can A DUI Attorney Help You with DUI Violation in San Antonio?

In case you are driving while you are drunk and you are pulled over by police offer in San Antonio, you will end up with your driver’s license suspended if your BAV level is over 0.08% which is the maximum limit agreed by San Antonio laws. You can try to reduce the period of time of your driver’s license suspension. If you are charged by DWI or DUI laws’ violation, you will have a maximum of 15 days period from the arrest day to request an administrative hearing with the State Office of Administrative Hearings. If you do not make this request within 15 days, you will not have further rights to ask for a cancelation or modification of penalties you received.

If you want to request an administrative hearing, you should carefully select your lawyer. There are dedicated DUI Lawyers specially trained for the criminal defense lawsuits. It will make no sense to hire a general criminal attorney because the dedicated ‘driving under influence’ or ‘driving while intoxicated’ lawyers are aware of DUI related news. If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, you should know that you have the possibility to receive free consultation with a DUI attorney. If you decide that you will represent yourself in a lawsuit, make sure to previously speak with a specialized DUI lawyer. He will be the one to certainly give you good tips, teach you all you need to know about DWI and DUI laws and advise you how you should act in the courtroom. On the contrary, if you decide to get a DUI attorney the amount of money to be paid will vary depending on the lawyer’s experience and skills.

During the hearing process, the Texas Department of Public safety must prove, with clear evidences, that you were driving under influence or driving while intoxicated. In order to insure an impartial hearing, the Administrative License revocation hearings are conducted by the Administrative Law Judge. While the Texas DPS will make prove of your guilty, you and your lawyer will try to bring contrary arguments presented in your defense. It will be the Administrative law judge who will decide which part is right but only after the testimonies from other parties found at the place you got arrested. The ALJ will finally decide if your driver’s license suspension should be canceled or not. If you win the lawsuit, you’ll retrieve your driver’s license and be no more charged by any DWI related penalties.

On the other hand, if you lose the lawsuit you will have to accept and accomplish all DWI/DUI penalties you were charged with. You also have to be prepared for any changes that might arise on your auto insurance in San Antonio.

For more information about San Antonio DWI Revocation Hearing Process or if you are looking for an auto car insurance, enter you zip code here and check auto insurance in San Antonio.