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Defensive Driving Courses to Help You Get San Antonio Cheap Car Insurance

Driving in San Antonio automatically needs car insurance. If you want to know how to lower your rate, you can check the information here.

There are two certificates approved by law that can help you obtain approximately a discount of 15%. These certificates are valid and recognized by all insurance companies.

What you have to do is to follow the defensive driving course offered by the Driving University and take the Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program exam as well.

What does it mean defensive driving? It’s a technique helping you avoid accidents and save time and money. This training will teach the drivers complex and advanced concepts in driving theory. The scope of this course is to reduce the collision risk. Drivers will learn how to anticipate other’s mistakes, avoid dangerous or risky situations and how to better drive with adverse conditions. This course can be taken by all motor vehicle drivers. After completing this course, drivers are considered to be more responsible and know how to properly react to dangerous situations. The course presents various topics such as traffic crashes (causes and costs due to a traffic accident), safety equipment (the difference between a car accident when the driver doesn’t put its seatbelt and a car accident when the driver respects this regulation and has the seatbelt on, to protect him), traffic laws and crash prevention techniques.

What discounts can you obtain by having this certificate? Every insurance company will recognize and value this state-approved certificate, therefore you’ll receive an approximately discount of 10% of your liability policy. This discount can vary from one insurance company to another but the average percentage is 10%. In addition, if you would like to be eligible for more discounts to get San Antonio cheap car insurance, you should value your past accident history. If you succeed to maintain a clean driving record, you’ll get an extra discount. Besides the insurance’s discounts, this course will also help you to reduce the ticket points you have cumulated on your driver license.

Another way to lower you policy rate is to pass the Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness exam. This course can be completed through internet once you obtain a Court approval. Its duration is six hours that also teaches the San Antonio traffic laws concerning driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You will also find which part of the human body and mind are affected due to alcohol and drugs. In the end, you’ll obtain a 5% discount on your car insurance if you pass this exam.

By taking these two courses and obtaining an official certificate for each one, you will get a discount as high as 15%. No matter which the insurance company, Texas State guarantees that you’ll get these special discounts through these certifications.

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