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How can A DUI Attorney Help You with DUI Violation in San Antonio?

In case you are driving while you are drunk and you are pulled over by police offer in San Antonio, you will end up with your driver’s license suspended if your BAV level is over 0.08% which is the maximum limit agreed by San Antonio laws. You can try to reduce the period of time of your driver’s license suspension. If you are charged by DWI or DUI laws’ violation, you will have a maximum of 15 days period from the arrest day to request an administrative hearing with the State Office of Administrative Hearings. If you do not make this request within 15 days, you will not have further rights to ask for a cancelation or modification of penalties you received.

If you want to request an administrative hearing, you should carefully select your lawyer. There are dedicated DUI Lawyers specially trained for the criminal defense lawsuits. It will make no sense to hire a general criminal attorney because the dedicated ‘driving under influence’ or ‘driving while intoxicated’ lawyers are aware of DUI related news. If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, you should know that you have the possibility to receive free consultation with a DUI attorney. If you decide that you will represent yourself in a lawsuit, make sure to previously speak with a specialized DUI lawyer. He will be the one to certainly give you good tips, teach you all you need to know about DWI and DUI laws and advise you how you should act in the courtroom. On the contrary, if you decide to get a DUI attorney the amount of money to be paid will vary depending on the lawyer’s experience and skills.

During the hearing process, the Texas Department of Public safety must prove, with clear evidences, that you were driving under influence or driving while intoxicated. In order to insure an impartial hearing, the Administrative License revocation hearings are conducted by the Administrative Law Judge. While the Texas DPS will make prove of your guilty, you and your lawyer will try to bring contrary arguments presented in your defense. It will be the Administrative law judge who will decide which part is right but only after the testimonies from other parties found at the place you got arrested. The ALJ will finally decide if your driver’s license suspension should be canceled or not. If you win the lawsuit, you’ll retrieve your driver’s license and be no more charged by any DWI related penalties.

On the other hand, if you lose the lawsuit you will have to accept and accomplish all DWI/DUI penalties you were charged with. You also have to be prepared for any changes that might arise on your auto insurance in San Antonio.

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