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The Penalties and Punishments for the San Antonio DWI and DUI laws Violation

After purchasing your car insurance in San Antonio, you can legally drive your car within this city and all states and cities included in your policy. When driving your car, you need to know that being charged of DUI or DWI is not acceptable. There are penalties for subsequent traffic law violations especially for driving under influence or driving while intoxicated cases.

The following penalties apply only to drivers over 21 years old.

For first DWI offense, you will be charged with a Class B Misdemeanor offense that involves the following penalties:

  • A jail sentence of 72 hours  only if there was an opened alcohol beverage at the time of the arrest
  • You’ll need to pay a fine up to $2,000 and you will also have to pay an addition surcharge of 1000$ per year for three years if your BAC was under 1.5% at the time of the arrest
  •  There is an additional surcharge of $2,000 per year, for three years if the BAC was equal or greater than 1.6%, at the time of the arrest.
  • You will have to attend a twelve hours state-approved DWI course. Failure to complete this program within 180 days from the arrest date, your driver’s license may be revoked by the Texas Department of Public Safety. You will get a probation period which will be determined by the court.
  • Another form of penalty, you will be needed to perform a minimum 24 hours of community service (this penalty can go up to a maximum of 100 hours of community service).
  • Your driver’s license will be suspended for 90 days up to one year if you submitted the chemical alcohol test. If you have refused to submit this test, the suspension period get up between 180 days and 2 years. However, if you’re at the first time offense, you might be eligible to obtain an occupational license if you meet the necessary requirements.

Getting to a second DWI offense will increase your penalties as follows:

  • You will get a jail sentence of 72 hours up to one entire year.
  • You’ll be required to pay a fine amount of $4,000 and an additional surcharge of 1500$ per year, for three consecutive years if your BAC level was under 1.6%
  • Additional surcharge of $2,000 per year for three consecutive years if your BAC level was equal or greater than 1.6%.
  • Regarding the DWI school, it will be a must to attend a 32 hours state-approved DWI course. If you do not attend the course within the first 180 days of your probation period, your driver’s license might be revoked by the Texas PDS.
  • You will have the driver’s license suspended for 180 days up to 2 years. Even if it is the second time DWI offense, you will still be eligible to obtain an occupational license if you meet all needed requirements.

Finally, on a third time DWI offence, the penalties increase even more:

  • You will get a jail sentence of two years up to 10 years.
  • You will be required to pay a fine up to $10,000 and all additional associated court costs.
  • You will also need to pay a $1,500 surcharge per year for three consecutive years if your BAC level was under 1.6%
  • $2,000 surcharge per year for three consecutive years if your BAC level was equal or greater than 1.6%.
  • As for the second time DWI offense, you will be required to attend a state-approved DWI course of 32 hours and within the 180 days of your probation period.
  • You will have to perform community service in account of a minimum of 80 hours and a maximum of 200 hours.
  • Your driver’s license will be revoked for 2 years. Even this time, you might get an occupational license, if you meet the necessary requirements.

What about drivers under 21? If you are under 21 years old, you should pay even greater attention because the laws are more restrictive. In this case, if an under 21 driver is found to be driving while drunk, having an alcohol concentration (proved through the chemical test) of 0.02% or greater, will be charged of violation of the Texas “zero tolerance” law. You’re driver license will be suspended for 30 days for the first offence violation. In case a second offense violation occurs, the license will be suspended for a period of 60 days. Finally, when a third time DWI offense occurs, the driver’s license will be suspended for 90 days. You should also know that, even if you are under 21 years old, if you are arrested for having a BAC level of 0.08% (which is the maximum limit admitted for drivers over 21 years old) or greater, you will be charged with the same fines and penalties as someone over 21 would face for a similar offense. Moreover, in order to retrieve your driver license back you will have to show proof of financial responsibility and purchase a Texas SR22 insurance coverage.

One more thing that you should understand related to the DWI and DUI laws is represented by the consequences of having a child in your car while being arrested for DWI. If there is at least one child in your car younger than 15 years old, you will end up with the following penalties: you will get a fine up to $10,000, your driver’s license will be suspended for 180 days, and you will also receive a punishment of up to 2 years in a state jail.

These are the possible consequences of being arrested under the DWI offence. You should carefully reconsider every case that might put you in this situation. For more information about DWI and DUI laws or to get the best deals for car insurance in San Antonio, enter your zip code here.

What are the Mandated DWI and DUI Laws of San Antonio DMV?

According to the San Antonio DMV, the limit blood alcohol concentration (BAC – which represents the amount of alcohol in a driver’s bloodstream measured through a chemical test, a blood or urine test or even a breath test) is 0.08% when you’re driving. You need to know that this percentage only applies to drivers over 21 years. San Antonio city laws don’t accept any alcohol percentages for drivers under 2. If there are any detectable alcohol amounts, this fact is considered a crime. Still, most alcohol-related violations occur at drivers with ages within the 21 and 34 year range.

What are the DUI and the DWI factors? DUI stands for ‘driving under influence’ while DWI is for ‘driving while intoxicated’. One person can be accused of DUI if it has been found under the influence of alcohol or even drugs.

An intoxicated driver may be arrested if charged with DWI. However, even if you’re the driver or you’re just a passenger of the car, you can end up with a $500 fine for having an unsealed alcohol container in the vehicle.

What you should also know is that in San Antonio, a person can still be arrested for driving under the influence even if their blood alcohol concentration is below the legal level of 0.08%. The arrest might occur in case the driver displays signs that are consistent with a person who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If a police officer suspects a driver of being under alcohol or drugs influence, he is allowed to request the driver to perform the test (required by the Texas Administrative License Revocation Program) in order to detect the blood alcohol level. If the driver refuses to submit this test, he will be informed of the related penalties. If the driver still refuses or fails the chemical test, he’s driver’s license will be confiscated and suspended by the police officer with a “Notice of Suspension”. The driver will only have fifteen days from the date of the arrest to request an administrative hearing with the State Office of Administrative Hearings. If no hearing request was performed within the given 15 days, the license suspension cannot be challenged anymore.

What you can do in order to avoid any penalties or even a possible arrest is to not drive after having consumed alcohol. However, if you attended a party and you already took some alcohol, you can designate a driver in order to get home legally and safe or call a cab,. if there is such a possibility within your location. If not, respect yourself and others and try to spend the night where you are if possible. This decision can save your life and of others (drivers and passengers).

With all these DUI and DWI laws in mind, make sure to legally drive and to not exceed the accepted alcohol amount. You can always obtain more information by contacting the San Antonio DMV department. You can also enter your zip code here to find more information on this topic.

How do BAC Breath and Blood Tests are Conducted by San Antonio Authorities?

Aside from having your own San Antonio cheap car insurance, laws must also be followed responsibly. If you drink and drive your car in San Antonio city, you expose yourself to the risk of being accused of DWI and DUI laws violation. You might arrive in the situation to be stopped by a police officer who has the right to request you for a BAC test. You also have the right to refuse to undergo the test, but your driver’s license will be automatically suspended and you will have to face other multiple consequences too.


The purpose of the BAC test is to detect the level of alcohol (ethanol) found in a human’s blood. The maximum limit accepted by San Antonio’s laws is the 0.08 percentage for adult drivers over 21 years old. For younger drivers, under 21, the maximum accepted percentage is 0.02% (according to the Texas’ ‘zero-tolerance’ law).

Here are a few things about alcohol: it is quickly absorbed by the blood (in just a few minutes). The alcohol level riches its highest level in an hour after drinking. This period of time may vary depending on the amount of the food existing in the human body.

There are two ways to perform a standard BAC test: the blood test and the breath test.

A first method would be the blood alcohol test. The steps needed to be performed are the following ones: an elastic band must be wrapped around the upper arm. Its purpose is to stop the flow of blood. The second step will be to clean the needle site with a non-alcoholic solution (you can use antiseptic soap or providone-iodine solution) then the needle will be inserted into the veins (which are now larger, because or the elastic band wrapped around the arm). All the needed amount of blood will be collected in a tube.  After this action is performed, the elastic band can be removed from the arm. A cotton ball will be pressed over the needle site and finally, a bandage will be placed at were previously inserted the needle.

Another simpler method used in order to detect the BAC level is the breath test: there is special equipment which must be properly calibrated in order to give accurate results. Unlike blood analyzer, the breath analyzer will approximately calculate the amount of alcohol found in one’s breath and not blood. The principles of this equipment are the following ones: the driver exhales into the breath analyzer. Instantly, any ethanol (alcohol) present in his breath is oxidized to acetic acid. If the atmospheric oxygen is reduced, the final reaction is represented by the oxidation of the ethanol to acetic acid and water. In the end, a microprocessor will measure the electrical current produced by this reaction and will display an approximated blood alcohol content level.

These are the two methods used by the San Antonio police officers in order to prove your DWI or DUI laws’ violations. The second method (the BAC breath test) if often used because it’s simpler and can be performed by any police officer. If a more complex analysis is needed, a BAC blood test will be requested. You can find more information on this topic and quotes for San Antonio cheap car insurance only by entering your zip code here.

Will My Area Code Affect the Rate of my Car Insurance in San Antonio?

Among many factors that affect the computation algorithm for the auto insurance quotes in San Antonio, you should also consider your area’s zip code.

The place you live in affects your car insurance rates. Find out here how different San Antonio zip codes can increase or decrease your policy rate.

When purchasing new car insurance, you usually take into account the type of the car, you’re driving history, marital status and many other attributes that might bring you some special discounts. But there is one more important factor to be considered which can make a big difference on the rate of your policy. If you get to compare two car owners having equal factors but different zip codes, you will notice that there are differences between their quotes. These differences will occur because of their different locations.

Usually, living in an urban area (with high density population) will increase your car insurance rates compared to a rural area. This is because villages are considered to be low-risk and safer areas. Urban areas present an elevate risk because a large number of people concentrates in one area that leads to more traffic. The collision risk increase and there will be more car insurance claims. In fact, auto insurance policies are always more expansive within high-density traffic areas (like urban areas).

For a particular zip code, there are some factors that can increase the insurance rate. These are reports of vandalism or fraudulent injury claims or stolen vehicles. You should also know that you can get a better rate if within your zip code, people use the public transportation more than their own car or if local drivers are less inclined to filing insurance claims.

When considering the zip code, another important factor is represented by the auto theft risk. If you get a comprehensive coverage, you will get your money back if your car is eventually stolen. However, theft rates vary in every location. Auto insurance companies rely on the zip code to define geographical areas. If within the area you reside there are a recorded high number of stolen cars, you will probably have to pay a higher rate to get a policy for your car.

Aside from the population density and the auto theft rates which will certainly affect your policy rate, there are some other zip code based factors too. Some of these are the red-light running and the number of uninsured drivers. The higher is the population density, the higher will be the probability to have to deal with an uninsured driver.

If you live in San Antonio city and you want to move from one neighborhood to another or if you live in another rural area and you want to transfer in San Antonio, you can quickly check how your new zip code will affect (positively or negatively) your policy rate.

Start it by entering your actual zip code and your relocation zip code to get auto insurance quotes in San Antonio.

What are the Duties of San Antonio DMV?

Another hassle, formality, and big research. This is what surely goes past your mind when the very idea of buying car insurance comes in. The car you own has become your family as something you can’t live without. Days have been there when this car you own has rescued you from a big mess like for the times when you were late for your urgent meeting, when you had an emergency, or when you had to take your annoyed son for a ride to break the ice after a huge fight. That is what a car has become for you, your lifeline. Majority of the people spend quite a lot of time driving through the lanes and going here to there. But with all that you have done with your car, you might also need to own car insurance for your beloved car.

AutoInsuranceInSanAntonioYou must be thinking that it is nothing but a hassle process getting through with owning car insurance. Good thing, the San Antonio DMV has made it easier. It is their duty to inform every car owner and driver in how important it is to own a car insurance. You never know what might happen on the road and what harm you can get or to a nearby property, animal or other persons. The amount you might have to pay for such a mistake will cost you fortune. The numbers are intimidating enough especially if you get caught for not having car insurance, expect that the penalty you will have to pay for is maybe more than what you can afford.

The San Antonio DMV lets us know how important it is to own car insurance and the secret of getting rid of the extra charges that you might have to pay for the premium. Even if premium rates now will require you to work twice as hard for the rest of the year, there still ways to reduce them. The first tip you can try is to make sure you have the safety measures installed in your car. You can start with seat belts and air bags which will keep you stay intact and will also make sure you are not hurt. You can then add anti-theft and alarm systems. After the safety measures, you can take driving courses to polish your skills on the road.

San Antonio DMV also makes us aware of the DUI Driving under the Influence laws. If a certain amount of drug or alcohol is found in the system of the driver, it might lead to imprisonment as punishment. These situations are common with underage drivers and are truly a serious crime. With the growing number of the youth population, reckless driving and DUI cases are increasing every day. The punishments are given to these youth includes:

•             Almost a fine of $500 or even above.

•             Fine: up to $500

•             Community Service: 20-40 hours

•             Driver’s License Suspension: no less than 60 day

•             Absolutely Compulsory Education Awareness Classes of Alcohol

•             Deferred Adjudication is enabled in order to expunge the criminal recordings of the individuals after their birthday till they are adult in case the minor has no subsequent infractions.

•             No involvement of parents is required.

Other punishments include imprisonment for a certain number of days depending on the level of the offense.

DWI or Driving While Intoxicated is more offensive than the DUI since punishments and penalties are more severe especially if with a child is found in the car while driving. The penalties also include imprisonment and a fine of $20,000 or higher. This is why San Antonio DMV is strict with implementing the laws and doing everything they can to inform their residents how careful driving can bring safety and how being insured will be a big help in case of accidents.

For further details about car insurance in San Antonio, just provide us your ZIP and you will get the best deals for free.

How to Find the Ideal Auto Insurance in San Antonio for A Damaged Car?

The city of San Antonio can be said to deserve the embellishment of being one among the key locations of the US. It is also regarded as the seventh most inhabited town with the traffic heavy and dangerous. An oversized variety of personal cars along with some alternative vehicles have been seen to ply on city roads in San Antonio. Loads of which comprise attached policies dealing with insurance and seen to lack the same. When you are planning to purchase auto insurance in San Antonio, you can get a list of firms that provides it. Insurance in urban areas are often low-cost. If you would like an honest company with the right offer and approved licenses for your insurance plan, you can do the analysis with the information you can gather.

There have been 93 car crashes with injuries to nearly 287 individuals within 2007. Sensible driver coaching can even get you extra discounts for your premium. However, these rates are higher than in residential district places in the country. This is due to the increasing mass population and mishaps on which the department has resorted to planting fortification to reduce any instances of accidents here.  Proper driving sessions and the required license registered in the DMV is essential to become a successful and responsible driver. Several insurance firms within the town could tell you about the engaging discounts and low rates. You can also search the internet to collect information about the company. Check if it is authorized; get feedback from customers, and how prompt are the in responding to their customer’s needs.

If you encounter an accident or you only need a repair service for your car, you will get the coverage for all the liabilities. Just visit the company’s website or office and file a claim. The coverage will not be provided without the claim and the essential requirements needed.

There are now auto insurance companies that offer cheap auto insurance in San Antonio with the good coverage, facilities, and discounts. If you have bought a car that you want to insure, you can have the minimum liability coverage. During accidents, if it has extremely damaged your automotive that requires huge amount of money for repair cost, you won’t need to worry since it will be covered by your auto insurance you purchased. It is also necessary that your vehicle has the standard safety features such as air bags and seat belts. As a result, you can be entitled for lower premium and special discounts.

For further details, get in touch with us through providing us your ZIP code. You can also get free auto insurance quotes in San Antonio.

The Secrets Behind the San Antonio DMV Laws to Car Insurance

The San Antonio DMV deals with the car registration in San Antonio. They have efficient employees who have ample experience in servicing the residents and educating them about the necessity of car insurance. They have modern technologies to show how important auto insurance is for every car owner in the city. They extend their hands in making the whole process of applying for car easier until no one will hesitate to own one as soon as they get a car.

Car insurance is something that is mandated by the law. It ensures safety and you will not be charged with an amount that you won’t be able to fulfill. It provides the coverage you will need in case of accidents or car damages. For this, you won’t be suffering financial crisis for medical bills, property damage liabilities, and unnecessary cash outflows. This is what the San Antonio DMV educates the people with. Most companies are keen to provide you cheap car insurance in San Antonio.

The San Antonio DMV has also found a way to penalize the car owner who doesn’t have a proper registration for their car in their own terms. Without the insurance, you might suffer penalties and punishments once caught, or during the accident or traffic violations.

There are ways on how you can save up on the premium rates as well. It will only cost you a little extra money, precautions to be taken, and a whole lot of attention. If you listen to the service providers of the San Antonio DMV carefully, you will know of all these. Make sure that you have taken all the mandatory proper precautions while you are handling a car. It is better to be on the right side than get penalized for such a meager cause. For more information, providing us your ZIP code will allow us to help you with all your queries.