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The Benefits of Bodily Injury Coverage in Your Auto Insurance Policy in San Antonio

Living in San Antonio city and owning a car automatically involves a legal aspect of owning car insurance. To choose the appropriate policy for your needs, you should understand what auto insurance in San Antonio covers and how can you benefit from it in case of a car accident.

Two major aspects will be presented here. The first one is the Bodily Injury Policy and the other is the Property Damage Policy. When signing auto insurance in San Antonio, you’ll need to know exactly the limit amounts agreed through the two insurances above.

In San Antonio city, Bodily Injury Policy is mandatory. This type of policy will cover you regarding the following three aspects. First, it will cover the medical costs for the persons injured in a car accident, if you, or some other member of your family, are the faulty part.

This insurance will also cover the loss of income of the non-guilty part if this loss occurred as a consequence of the accident you caused. Finally, all your legal defense costs are covered if you find yourself (or a member of your family, included in your insurance) in the situation of being accused of bodily injury or even death. However, this is basic auto insurance and it will not cover any costs regarding your bodily injury or anyone else’s injuries of your passengers during the accident. To purchase this type of medical insurance for yourself and your family members, you’ll need to pay additional costs to get this benefit. Check the offers and choose the one which you think is the most appropriate for you. In San Antonio, the maximum amount covered by this type of policy is $30,000 in case there is only one bodily injured person or $60,000 if there are two or more injured persons. This last amount represents the final limit covered by the insurance and does not vary according to the number of persons.

Same as the Bodily Injury Policy, the Property Damage Injury is also mandatory in San Antonio. This type of policy will cover the cost for one of the non-guilty person’s car involved in the accident. This insurance will also cover the damaged valuable objects inside the vehicle and other stationary object hit during the car accident. Like the other policy, this insurance will only cover the cost for the non-guilty part. The maximum amount covered by this insurance in San Antonio city is $25,000. If the liability exceeds this, the faulty-part will be responsible to pay for the remaining amount to cover all the property damage costs.

Since Bodily Injury and Property Damage Policies are mandatory in San Antonio city, you should carefully check the offers. Enter you zip code and compare the result. Find the lowest rate policy covering both of these insurances in just a few minutes.