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What are the Basic Principles in Purchasing Car Insurance in San Antonio?

San Antonio city is part of the Texas state; therefore it complies with its rules. Since Texas is a tort state, drivers are fully responsible for the car accidents they caused. Every San Antonio driver must purchase at least the minimal coverage insurance.

This minimal coverage is established at state level. Basically, this is an amount which should cover accidents damage and injuries for the non-guilty part. With such a standard insurance, the faulty part will receive no compensation. There are other types of car insurance in San Antonio with higher prices that can cover the expenses of the person who caused the accident too. In order to see which type of insurance suits you the best, you only need to enter your zip code and check the offers.

The San Antonio minimal coverage is represented by the following amounts: $25,000 in case of property damage, $30,000 for bodily injuries in case that there is just one injured person, and $60,000 if there are at least 2 bodily injured persons. The last amount represents the maximum amount the insurance will cover for per accident. If total damages are not covered by this amount, the faulty part is responsible to pay the remaining amount to cover all accident expenses.

Pay attention to car insurance related penalties. There are 2 types of penalties. The first situation would be represented by a non-insured car involved into a car accident. The second situation may appear when you cannot prove that you have an insurance policy for your car.

If you’ll find yourself in the first situation, you would better know that penalties are not to be neglected: you can get a fine up to $350 and you would also need to pay an amount of $250 each year for three years. If this particular case occurs multiple times, the fine can go up to $1,000, and there is the possibility to have your driver and car registration suspended. Regarding the second situation, you should know that you’re required to show proof of your car insurance every time you’re involved in a car accident or for a car inspection.

If you’re just visiting San Antonio and you want to rent a car, there are non-owner policies which you can purchase. If you’re the faulty part in an accident, it will not cover your expenses (related to your injuries and damages of the car you drove), but it will cover the other part bodily injuries and damages.

Know who will be covered by the policy insurance. Most of the companies will cover you and your family, but there are also some types of policies where you must specifically register your family members when you purchase the insurance policy.

Since you’ve found what car insurance in San Antonio is and which are the penalties and who can be covered through an auto insurance, do not forget to enter you zip code and check the offers to purchase the policy that suits your requirements the most.