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What are the Different Types of Auto Insurance Coverage in San Antonio?

If you live in San Antonio, just moved in or just visiting the area, you’ll certainly need to get auto insurance for your car. You can find here which auto insurance quotes in San Antonio city based on the coverage type you would like to purchase.

There are different types of coverage and which benefits presents each of these types. The first coverage type is the basic one mandatory in San Antonio. The Liability Coverage supposes some limited amounts which will be used for the non-guilty part when a car accident occurs. It covers bodily injury and property damages. Every car owner in San Antonio city must have at least this standard insurance in order to legally drive his car in the town.

Going further, there are two types of coverage that usually are purchased together. These are the collision and comprehensive insurances. These types of policies are required when you still owe money for your car to a particular lender. Therefore, until you pay the remaining amount these two coverage types are mandatory for you. The collision insurance will cover any car accident you have no matter if you are the guilty one or not.

Comprehensive policy will covers the costs for all other damages other than car accidents such as fires, floods, vandalism, and falling object, and other cause that can damage your car.

Another policy type is the medical payments coverage. As the basic coverage does not support the costs for your medical payments, you need to get this particular insurance to cover your medical expenses in case of a car accident. This policy will cover you and your family members.

There is a special coverage regarding the motorists called the uninsured motorist coverage. The purpose of this insurance is to cover your bodily injuries and property damages costs if you were hit by an uninsured motorist or if your car was damaged by another when you were not present. In order to benefit of this insurance, the driver must firstly pay $250. This policy type is automatically included in the mandatory insurance but if you think this is not necessary or you simply don’t want to spend this extra money you can reject it in writing.

Finally, there is the rental reimbursement coverage. In case of a stolen car or if your car need some reparations, you won’t be able to use it until the problems are resolved. Therefore, this insurance will pay you a daily amount which can be used for rental cars. This type of policy can be really helpful when your vehicle is the used to go to your work.

You will get here the most competitive offers including all these coverage type. Enter your zip code, follow the simple steps, and you’ll get the lowest auto insurance quotes in San Antonio city.