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What are the Duties of San Antonio DMV?

Another hassle, formality, and big research. This is what surely goes past your mind when the very idea of buying car insurance comes in. The car you own has become your family as something you can’t live without. Days have been there when this car you own has rescued you from a big mess like for the times when you were late for your urgent meeting, when you had an emergency, or when you had to take your annoyed son for a ride to break the ice after a huge fight. That is what a car has become for you, your lifeline. Majority of the people spend quite a lot of time driving through the lanes and going here to there. But with all that you have done with your car, you might also need to own car insurance for your beloved car.

AutoInsuranceInSanAntonioYou must be thinking that it is nothing but a hassle process getting through with owning car insurance. Good thing, the San Antonio DMV has made it easier. It is their duty to inform every car owner and driver in how important it is to own a car insurance. You never know what might happen on the road and what harm you can get or to a nearby property, animal or other persons. The amount you might have to pay for such a mistake will cost you fortune. The numbers are intimidating enough especially if you get caught for not having car insurance, expect that the penalty you will have to pay for is maybe more than what you can afford.

The San Antonio DMV lets us know how important it is to own car insurance and the secret of getting rid of the extra charges that you might have to pay for the premium. Even if premium rates now will require you to work twice as hard for the rest of the year, there still ways to reduce them. The first tip you can try is to make sure you have the safety measures installed in your car. You can start with seat belts and air bags which will keep you stay intact and will also make sure you are not hurt. You can then add anti-theft and alarm systems. After the safety measures, you can take driving courses to polish your skills on the road.

San Antonio DMV also makes us aware of the DUI Driving under the Influence laws. If a certain amount of drug or alcohol is found in the system of the driver, it might lead to imprisonment as punishment. These situations are common with underage drivers and are truly a serious crime. With the growing number of the youth population, reckless driving and DUI cases are increasing every day. The punishments are given to these youth includes:

•             Almost a fine of $500 or even above.

•             Fine: up to $500

•             Community Service: 20-40 hours

•             Driver’s License Suspension: no less than 60 day

•             Absolutely Compulsory Education Awareness Classes of Alcohol

•             Deferred Adjudication is enabled in order to expunge the criminal recordings of the individuals after their birthday till they are adult in case the minor has no subsequent infractions.

•             No involvement of parents is required.

Other punishments include imprisonment for a certain number of days depending on the level of the offense.

DWI or Driving While Intoxicated is more offensive than the DUI since punishments and penalties are more severe especially if with a child is found in the car while driving. The penalties also include imprisonment and a fine of $20,000 or higher. This is why San Antonio DMV is strict with implementing the laws and doing everything they can to inform their residents how careful driving can bring safety and how being insured will be a big help in case of accidents.

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