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What are the Factors I should be Familiar with When Shopping San Antonio Car Insurance?

When purchasing car insurance in San Antonio, you should know that you have certain auto insurance rights approved by San Antonio laws. These rights are presented all together within the Consumer Bill of Rights document. However, when you sign car insurance the provider will inform you that some rights are not fulfilled through that policy. Check this information with the Texas Department of Insurance Consumer Protection centre. All car insurance companies are required to give you a copy of the Bill of Rights. You can get valuable information through the Bill of Right or by contacting the said center.

Before choosing a car insurance company you can get to know its license status and financial condition. You can find out the consumers’ complaint ratio against the insurance company. All these aspects will certainly impact your decision when choosing your insurance policy provider.

Before singing for car insurance in San Antonio, you should pay attention to a few topics like:

  • Payment plans – In case you don’t have the entire amount of money in order to pay you policy, you have the right to pay a different number of instalments; for example, for a 12 months policy, you can divide the entire amount to be paid in 10 instalments; for a 6 months insurance policy, you can dive the amount in maximum 4 instalments.
  • Excess limits – The insurance company cannot force you to purchase liability limits greater than the minimal coverage required in San Antonio – 30/60/25, and cannot require you to sign, as a mandatory condition, other coverage types.
  •  Denial explanation – if you apply for a policy to a particular provider and it will deny your apply, you have the right to receive a written explanation containing the reasons why you were not accepted.
  • Notice of reduced coverage – you must receive a written explanation if the insurer decided to lower the coverage amount stated in your already signed policy.
  • Electronic payments – if you allowed the company insurance to withdraw the entire policy amount or instalment payments from your bank account, the insurer is not allowed to increase the amount withdrawn if one of the following two conditions is not fulfilled: the car insurance provider does not send you a previously 30 days notification; you send an object to this increase, at least 5 days before the change takes effect.

Regarding a policy’s cancelation, it cannot be cancelled anymore if more than 60 days have passed since the insurance was signed unless one of the following situations occurs: failure to your instalments, driver’s license or car registration is suspended or revoked, or if you filed a fraudulent claim. In order to cancel you policy, the insurer must provide you a notice at least 10 days prior to cancellation.

Knowing these facts help you to understand what car insurances are supposed to be, what you must or mustn’t do, and what to expect for when purchasing car insurance in San Antonio. Enter your zip code and analyze the offers and the companies’ status of the most suitable policy.